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Cycling your tank

When you first setup a new aquarium you may want to rush and put in fish right away. However, this can end up being one of the biggest mistakes a new fish keeper can make.


Aquariums need to go through a prosses called cycling which helps keep your fish healthy and alive. The prosses can take between 2 to 6 weeks where your filter grows different species of beneficial bacteria. There are tips and products we have that can help hasten your cycle.

We recommend getting your water tested to insure that the aquarium is fully cycled before fully stocking it.


Water changes

Each aquarium and keeper are different and we recognize that. However, that does not change the fact that you must change out the water in your aquarium.


When first starting out we recommend doing 25% water changes once a month. For more sensitive fish we recommend 10% water changes once a week or once every 2 weeks. For aquariums with high waste bi-products we recommend 25% water changes once a week until the waste has been reduced.


Feeding your tank

Feeding your fish can be such a joy to watch, or something exciting to show off to your friends and family, but how much and how often you feed your fish can become a nightmare waiting to happen.

Under-feeding your fish can lead to various issues. Malnurishment can affect the health of your fish, cause disease to spread, and lead to the death of your fish. Under feeding can also lead to increased aggression between tankmates.

Over feeding can also lead to issues in your own aquarium. Over-eating can lead to disease or bloat. Also, any uneaten food left in your tank will decay and raise your waste biproducts which can greatly decrease your water quality and harm your inhabitants.

Feeding your tank is a delicate prosses that can adversely affect your aquarium.  Make sure you are feeding the right types of food in the correct amounts for the inhabitants of your aquarium.

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