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Owning an aquarium is a rewarding experience and we want to make it uncomplicated for our customers. In addition to providing you the products you need to ensure the health and well-being of your fish, Rainy Day Fish offers professional services you may need from time to time. Check out what we can do for your tank here.


In store water evaluation

We can provide FREE general water tests to help determine if your tank is cycled or to pinpoint issues within your tank. For a more in depth evaluation of your tank's water quality we do also offer, at a cost, more specific tests done by our staff right in the store.

In depth first hand Knowledge

Our Staff has kept so many different different species of fish, and aquatic life. with all the first hand knowledge we have accumulated can help you in your own projects.

step by step planning for aquarium startup

If you are looking to setup your fist tank, or planning to dive into a new species and need help determining how to set of a tank our staff can assist you in all aspects. this includes recommended tank size, finding the right equipment, aquascaping, and even tank mates for your new scaly friends.

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